SU-105 – Understanding Government Contract Certifications 

There are numerous misconceptions regarding certifications available to small business firms wanting to do business with the federal government.  There is also an abundance of myths which surround the value and what a certification can and will do for a firm holding a specific credential. This webinar will explore acquisition certifications unique to the federal government, address general qualification requirements, identify myths and misrepresentations which often confuse and/or set unreasonable expectations a small firm may not be able to achieve.

The webinar will focus on the four (4) program certifications recognized by the government, the characteristics of each and the authorities given to Contracting Officers to set-aside acquisitions under these programs. Also discussed will be agency specific program certifications and the allowances made by specific legislation which gives some agencies additional latitude in awarding to specific small business categories.


.Note: The charge will show as Redfern Research Services LLC