SU-130 – Contractor Quality Control

If you are a firm which does not have an established quality control (QC) program in place, you are losing out on a significant competitive edge over your competitors. Establishing a QC program is a strategic decision you must make if you are serious about competing for federal contracts. 

This course will focus on quality requirements and standards which are part of every government contract. You will learn about the quality industry, key quality organizations which play a major role in the development of quality standards, and government considerations when establishing quality and quality-related requirements.  

What you will learn in this course:

  • The significance of establishing a quality program 
  • How to go about developing a quality program
  • The difference between quality control and quality assurance
  • The government’s role in quality assurance during performance
  • The contractor’s role in ensuring QC of products and/or services
  • Government tools used in surveillance of your work & gov’t requirements hierarchy