SU-220 – Tradeoff Proposal Evaluation Method 

If you are asked to submit a proposal, the government is likely to use one of two methods during the evaluation process - the Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) or the Tradeoff method.  While each can be used to procure items, services or construction, their application is widely different and for this reason are very misunderstood processes.  This course will focus on the Tradeoff process. 

The webinar attendee will learn about:

  • What issues prompt the Contracting Officer (CO) into crafting a Tradeoff based solicitation. 
  • The characteristics that differentiate Trade-off from LPTA 
  • The role of “Factors” in the process and how the play into the selection process 
  • What occurs if you are included in the “Competitive Range” and the specific steps and actions the government must comply with because of your inclusion.