SU-320 – Contract Changes

What happens when the government wants to change your contract?  All government contracts include a changes clause, but all are limited in what the government can actually change.  For instance, there are no changes clauses which permit the government to increase the quantity of items purchased in a contract. 

This course will explore the concept of changes in a government contracts – that is, what can be changed and the features, elements and considerations of a contract which limit their ability to make changes.   

What you will learn in this course:

  • The two elements that must exist for the government to make any change to your contract 
  • What does the term “Within the Scope” mean and its implications on making a change 
  • The several versions of “Changes” clauses available to the Contracting Officer (CO) 
  • Limitations associated with any “Changes” clause 
  • Other clauses which may permit specific changes to your contract
  • What the government can and cannot change 
  • Myths associated with the government’s ability to make changes to your contract 
  • Equitable adjustments to your contract should there be a change
  • Formality requirements when a contract is modified and the forms which must be used
  • What the government can change unilaterally and what kind of changes require you to agree
  • Two types of unauthorized changes (constructive and cardinal) and potential consequences 
  • What is a “Change Order” (a unilaterally directed change) and its implications 
  •    Your rights and responsibilities if you disagree with a change or a change settlement