SU-350 – Contract Disputes 

If you have been awarded a government contract, there is always the possibility of having a difference of opinion with the Contracting Officer (CO) or other government personnel administering your contract.  Most issues are worked out informally, but some you may not be able to resolve.  

This course will focus on short and long-term contract relationships and how you can best approach issues and concerns, so they do not grow into more serious disagreements or litigation.  

What you will learn in this course:

  • What is a dispute and the role the “Disputes” clause which is included in every federal contract
  • A deciphering of the Disputes clause and your rights, roles, and responsibilities 
  • The rights, roles, and responsibilities of the government in a dispute
  • How to diffuse a potential dispute before it becomes a major problem
  • The government’s desired forms of resolving differences 
  • The Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) process 
  • The ADR process, the benefits to you and why ADR is the preferred method to resolve differences
  • The concept of a “Contracting Officer’s Final Decision” and its significance in a dispute 
  • Your right’s if you appeal a COs final decision
  • The Board of Contract Appeals and Federal Claims Court appeals processes available to you
  • Your rights and responsibilities as an appeal goes through the selected process